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Always working with a research structure, Incatech offers different products in the category of temperature logger devices. We do our best to keep those trusts of our customers who trust us and our services. One of our products designed to fit every need is a Temperature Recorder.

You will be satisfied with our product which can make extremely reliable measurements with its striped feature. Temperature data logger, which is one of the products of our company, provides monitoring and recording of production conditions of products. You can fix the product with magnet feature. Temperature Chart Recorrder

5 – 10 – 20 – 40 – 75 day options offered with temperature chart recorder product can be run effortlessly. After the device is used, graphics are taken out from the recorder and the temperature values ​​are checked. You can use the Temperature and humidity data logger that comes to the forefront with its wireless feature in cold storage, pharmacies, lifebuoys, greenhouses and fish storage.

Our device is very safe and comfortable to use. You can call our company at any time and have information about the product you want. You can buy the most affordable products of the sector within the framework of our economic price understanding.